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    VMI Benefits OEMs and Suppliers

    Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

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    Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
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    SCSI deploys around the world 24/7

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    Our Experts Derust Complex Tubes

    Give Us Your Parts, We’ll Do the Rust

    With derusting capabilities at several locations, our experts can de-rust complex and painted parts.

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    Give Us Your Parts, We’ll Do the Rust
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    Washing Parts, Tubes, and Trays

    SCSI Tackles Tough Cleanliness

    SCSI can handle it all: oil, grease, carbon, dirt, and other machining debris.

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    SCSI Tackles Tough Cleanliness
  • Automotive Containment

    SCSI sorts and reworks parts daily

    Automotive OEMs, Suppliers Turn to SCSI

    Inspection expertise includes accessories, body work, cosmetic, electronic, mechanical, performance, and safety

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    Automotive OEMs, Suppliers Turn to SCSI

    Quality is our business.

    APQP, PFMEA and Risk Assessment

    We don’t take shortcuts and will help you think of every fine detail in your risk assessment.

    Can APQP Help Your Business?
    APQP, PFMEA and Risk Assessment
  • CMM PMM program, inspection

    Now Accepting Parts for Checks

    CMM, PMM Inspection, Programming

    SCSI Peoria, SCSI Lafayette and SCSI Waterloo each have their own unique CMM offerings.

    What CMM is Right for You?
    CMM, PMM Inspection, Programming
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    We are committed to a solution that works for you.

    Tailored Supply Chain Solutions

    SCSI offers specialized services in Logistics, Quality, and Containment.

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    Tailored Supply Chain Solutions
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    We'll be attending or exhibiting in 2016

    Meet SCSI at Industry Events

    Let's connect at a trade show or meeting near you.

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    Meet SCSI at Industry Events
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection, MPI, wet magnetic particle testing, NDT, non-destructive testing

    Now at SCSI - Peoria, IL

    Magnetic Particle Inspection

    SCSI expands its inspection capabilities with MPI

    What is MPI?
    Magnetic Particle Inspection
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  • Qualified but not satisfied?

    Now Hiring for Relocation Opportunities

    Fast-Paced Supply Chain Careers

    Experienced Quality, Logistics, Engineering Professionals

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    Fast-Paced Supply Chain Careers
  • Visibility. Traceability. Control.

    Get Service Agreement Visibility

    SCSI's web-based Service Agreement VisibilitY (SAVY) tool gives complete access to your containment 24/7.

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    Get Service Agreement Visibility
  • Tech 7

    Quality Issues are Inevitable. Be prepared.

    Quality Solutions

    SCSI designs, implements and manages quality gates that measure, monitor, and reports levels of non-conformances, then reduces and filters non-conformances, captures cost of poor quality, and drives ownership back to the source.

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    Quality Solutions
  • Lafayette Higher Capacity Warehouse

    Looking for a low-cost, low maintenance supplier relationship?

    Logistics Solutions

    SCSI's global logistics team will apply or develop a tailored solution to your specific needs.

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    Logistics Solutions
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    Want to work for us?

    New Opportunities

    SCSI is always looking for talented additions to our team.

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    New Opportunities
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Deploying Globally Everyday

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What Can SCSI Tailor for You?

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What Customers Say

  • I just wanted to share with you a comment about Charles, that has been here a few times over the last few weeks. Our materials “guy” came up to me and mentioned that he is a pleasure to work with. He is organized, professional and cleans up after himself very well and I agree with him. To be honest with you, I haven’t seen any negative activities whatsoever with any of your staff.

    Quality Engineer

  • [The Joliet team] ensures incoming and "as requested" inspections are completed with a minimal amount of interruption to the Operations teams. Many requests are dropped on her with little to no notice and she always obliges.

    Factory Manager, Major OEM

  • Thank you for delivering great service while working through the many challenges of turnover, training, process changes, support group changes, and every day disasters. You are awesome!

    Quality Manager, Major OEM

  • Thank you for the fast response time. It allowed [our OEM] to meet their deliveries. Much appreciated.

    Supplier (Metal Stamping Company)

  • Thank you! I can't tell you how much I appreciate the support that SCSI has provided lately on everything. Your team managing the steering arm rework and getting parts moved along into the plant has been phenomenal. Also, the zero leak plug manifolds and pipes have been sporadically tight and thanks for managing that so well. FYI...this weekend and next are HUGE for the business to have a successful quarter. We likely need SCSI support this Friday, Saturday and next Saturday.

    Major OEM

  • Appreciate you for following up of this matter. Please allow me to thank you (and SCSI) for conducting this sort activity as quickly as you did and your professionalism in handling this work, on our behalf. This allowed us to quickly respond to the customer's complaint, with the least impact to their operations. Again, thank you.

    Quality Manager

  • Thanks again for all your hard work and putting up with the strict deadlines, tracking documents, and daily calls. Please know that the work SCSI has done over the past month is going to be instrumental in our ability to ship enough [product] to meet the fourth quarter projections. We truly appreciate all the hard work over this stressful time period.


  • We have gotten the SQEP golden of 2013, our good SDP record depends on your careful work. Thanks again.


  • I received the load today. I have loaded the same trailer that will be coming your way. Everything looked very good. You are doing a great job. Glad to be working with you!

    Quality Clerk

  • We are receiving your material with no problems. All containers are marked very well, material constraints are very good, and the packing list are best seen by any vendor providing parts to the [our] docks. If we could only have it so good from our other suppliers.... Thank You

  • It was a pleasure to meet you in Thailand last week. You're clearly an asset to these businesses.

    Manufacturing Quality Steward

  • Awesome. I want to thank you all at SCSI for jumping through hoops to help us meet our commitments. All parties here understand what kind of pressure we put you under and we all appreciate your flexibility.

    Major OEM Manufacturer

  • During the week I worked with your team, I was impressed by the support and cooperation I received. [Your employees] are quite simply amazing and I really enjoyed working with them. I know that we've had difficulties in this endeavor. However, [your employees] were quick to pick up on my guidance and worked thoroughly and diligently side by side with me. By the time I left, I was 100% confident that their judgment of part quality would be nearly identical to mine. They worked in an extremely difficult environment, i.e. disorganized, dirty, hot, poorly lit and yet made the best of the situation and supported me no matter the request I made. If it were not for their support, I do not know that we could have succeeded as well as we did in the past few weeks. These ladies are a true credit to the SCSI organization and I hope that they are recognized as such. I appreciate your time and past support.

    Director of Engineering

  • I would like to thank you and your efforts to get the first critical oil pump housing turned around once you received from [the supplier.] This shows a great level of dedication to satisfying the customer. Your efforts were especially praised when we learned a truck delay was would cost another day of delay. You took it upon yourself to drive the parts to Melrose and waited 5 hours for second shift to show up and complete the fit-up test. We have lot more to go. Thanks for the dedication!

    Commodity Program Manager

  • Thank you so very much for your help in reversing a PPM rejection that was incorrectly charged to a supplier that was validating material.  Your quick response and assistance in correcting an error really helped to strengthen confidence with our supplier and provide an opportunity for us to show that we listen and take action as needed.  Thank you for your sense of urgency in all matters and your attention to detail.

    Manufacturing Engineer, Major OEM

  • Your guys got here safely around 7:45 and went right to work. I’ve been in meetings for most of the morning, and have only been able to check in periodically. They are working hard, very self sufficient and it is greatly appreciated. Being able to continue with my day and feeling comforted in the fact that they will do a good job is invaluable to us. Thanks again, I appreciate it!

    Tactical Quality Engineer

  • Thanks very much for your quick response! Your team is awesome!

    Quality Assurance Manager

  • I wanted to again say thank you for your help, support and patience as we moved our business here in Peoria over to you in the last couple of years. You guys have a great business model and excellent service.

    North American Sales Manager, VMI Customer

  • Thanks can seem like a very small word for someone who helps as much as you do, so how about it I use big bold letters for emphasis?


    Quality Engineer, Containment Customer

  • "Good service and professional approach spiced with tolerance on start-up related issues has earned you the continuation of our mutual business."

    VMI supplier

  • “Thanks for staying late last night.  You may have prevented a short line stoppage and you definitely prevented many repair hours.  You saved [a supplier] from a potentially serious chargeback and the line from a potential stop.  Thanks for all you do in situations like these, even if it isn’t the end of the month.”

    Quality Engineer, Major OEM

  • Impressive operation.

    Director of Purchasing, Large OEM

  • Thank you very much for your daily efforts at (Customer) PDI.  I have continually received feedback from our quality team on how well each of [your team members] have supported the facility by reacting quickly to all requests, capturing pictures, and not allowing errors to pass through to our customer.  Your efforts are absolutely appreciated and I thank you for making a difference!

    Major OEM

  • Thank you for the [daily] reports, we appreciate your work.

    Product Quality, Major OEM

  • Thank you very much for taking the time to show SCSI . . . It is a world class operation and it is wonderful to hear a story like yours, having built the business from the ground up.

    Founder of a Global Project Management Company

  • I have nothing but good things to say about SCSI.  I like SCSI much better than [an SCSI Competitor] because if I needed some reclaim work to get done right away, SCSI was right on top of it and got it done in just a few hours. [An SCSI Competitor] wouldn’t get it done for two days!

    Engineering Information Analyst, Major OEM

  • I wanted to make sure I let you all know how important your onsite team has been to my success. [SCSI's team members] have performed at an extremely high level on a regular basis and have always delivered as expected. They should be commended for their performance. Their hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed.

    Tactical Quality Engineer, Major OEM

  • With [SCSI's] assistance, I reduced preparation time from what would have been several hours to less than a hour with excellent results ensuring a timely delivery.

    OEM Customer