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What Customers Say

  • Thanks a lot for all your team to support us during this sort. If we ever need any help you will be my first contact.

    Supplier to a major OEM

  • We really appreciate your team’s great efforts to achieve the excellent performance last year. [SCSI] really did a great job for us, good communication, fast response, good work experience with [our customers].

    Automotive supplier

  • Thank you… I knew that we placed our confidence correctly when we called upon your company.

    Senior Buyer, Supplier to major OEM

  • Thanks for hustling… I estimated you’d be able to complete about 300 [in 3 shifts], & you finished 382 in about 2. [Thank you to everyone at SCSI who] sacrificed their weekend to support this effort!

    Major OEM

  • Thank you for delivering great service while working through the many challenges of turnover, training, process changes, support group changes, and every day disasters.

    Quality Manager, Major OEM

  • (SCSI) allowed us to quickly respond to the customer's complaint, with the least impact to their operations.

    Quality Manager, Supplier

  • The work SCSI has done over the past month is going to be instrumental in our ability to ship enough [product] to meet the fourth quarter projections.

    Major OEM

  • We are receiving your material with no problems. All containers are marked very well, material constraints are very good, and the packing list are best seen by any vendor providing parts to the [our] docks. If we could only have it so good from our other suppliers.... Thank You

  • I want to thank you all at SCSI for jumping through hoops to help us meet our commitments. All parties here understand what kind of pressure we put you under and we all appreciate your flexibility.

    Major OEM

  • [Your employees] were quick to pick up on my guidance and worked thoroughly and diligently side by side with me. By the time I left, I was 100% confident that their judgment of part quality would be nearly identical to mine.

    Director of Engineering, Supplier

  • (SCSI) has helped our reputation with our customer.

    Quality Manager, Large Supplier

  • SCSI really has taken ownership of the process, anticipates our needs and communicates with me directly when needed. Your knowledge base on our product has really grown and you have become an integral part of our Quality team.

    Group Manager, Major OEM

  • (SCSI) shows a great level of dedication to satisfying the customer.

    Commodity Program Manager

  • Thank you so very much for your help in reversing a PPM rejection that was incorrectly charged to a supplier that was validating material.

    Manufacturing Engineer, Major OEM

  • Being able to continue with my day and feeling comforted in the fact that (SCSI) will do a good job is invaluable to us.

    Tactical Quality Engineer

  • Thanks can seem like a very small word for someone who helps as much as you do, so how about it I use big bold letters for emphasis?


    Quality Engineer, Containment Customer

  • Good service and professional approach spiced with tolerance on start-up related issues has earned you the continuation of our mutual business.

    VMI supplier

  • Thanks for staying late last night.  You may have prevented a short line stoppage and you definitely prevented many repair hours.  You saved [a supplier] from a potentially serious chargeback and the line from a potential stop.

    Quality Engineer, Major OEM

  • [SCSI's team members] have performed at an extremely high level on a regular basis and have always delivered as expected.

    Tactical Quality Engineer, Major OEM