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Area Spotlight ASIA: China & Thailand   亚洲业务网点分布:中国&泰国

Presence in Thailand: 泰国驻厂服务点

  • Eastern Seaboard
  • Sriracha
  • Bangna Bangkok
  • Rayong

SCSI Sites in China: 中国赛思运营点

  • Hangzhou 杭州
  • Chongqing 重庆
  • Chengdu 成都

Presence in China: 中国驻厂服务点

  • Tianjin 天津
  • Wuxi 无锡
  • Changshu 常熟


Logistics & Sub-Assembly  物流 和分装

Moving your product from A to Z. 产品转运

  • Vendor / Supplier Managed Inventory (VMI/SMI)供应商物料库存管理
  • Sub-Assembly 部件分装
  • Kitting / Sequencing 物料装配/定序
  • Packaging & Repackaging 包装&重新包装

Quality 质量

Validating your product and processes.产品和过程验证

  • Incoming Quality Auditing (IQA) 进料质量检验
  • In-Process Validation (IPV) 过程验证
  • Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) 出货检验
  • Supplier Containment & Corrective Action Validation (SCCAV) 供应商围堵及改善措施验证
  • Audit & Supplier Certification Support 供应商审核及认证支持
  • Supplier Development (APQP, PPAP, FMEA) 供应商开发(APQP,PPAP,FEMA)
  • Bilingual Quality System & Program 双语质量体系和程序

Containment 返修围堵

Sorting, salvaging and reworking your product. 产品的筛选、抢修和返工

  • Derust 除锈
  • Controlled Shipping (CSL2, GP12) 受控发运 (CSL2, GP12)
  • Visual Sorting to Complex Measurement (Dimensional & Attribute Inspection)从目视检查到复杂检验(尺寸和属性检验)
  • Rework, Salvage & Reclaim 返工,抢修&回收利用
  • Product Recall Deployment 产品召回
  • Cleaning & Cleanliness Testing 零件清洁和清洁度测试

+ Deployable to OEM & Customer Facilities OEM和客户工厂可实施开展

Tailored Supply Chain Solutions  定制化的供应链解决方案

Providing suppliers and OEMs with tailored solutions worldwide to meet your unique supply Chain Needs


Created in 2004, SCSI Asia has been supporting OEMs and their Suppliers on and off site, always providing the best tailored solutions with the most dedicated people. SCSI has grown a strong deployment capability in Asia through multiple Locations and Customer sites throughout China and Thailand to cover the largest area and being able to serve our customers anywhere.

Our state-of-the-art capabilities and systems developed to face customer challenges allowed SCSI to gain a proven expertise and to become a benchmark in the supply chain area.


Some of Our Capabilities Highlights 主要业务能力

  • Warehousing (Chengdu, CN) 仓储服务(中国成都)
  • Controlled Shipping at customers (Thailand) 受控发运检验(泰国)
  • VMI/SMI (Chongqing, CN) 供应商库存管理(中国重庆)
  • Workstations (Hangzhou, CN) 工作站(中国杭州)
  • Sorting (China) 挑选服务(中国)
  • Inspection (Thailand) 检验服务(泰国)
  • Rework (Thailand) 返工服务(泰国)

Web Inventory Tracking System (WITS) 网络库存跟踪系统

  • Track your product until customer facility. 跟踪产品直至交货至客户工厂
  • Access your inventory up-to-date (24/7) 实时访问库存信息(24小时/7天)
  • EDI connectivity 电子数据交换连接
  • Automated alert on your inventory levels 库存水平自动报警机制
  • Performance reports weekly & monthly 库存管理绩效的周报和月报输出

Thailand Corporate Headquarters 泰国赛思总部

50/141-142 Platinum Place

Moo.3 T.Mabyangporn,

A.Pluakdang, Rayong 21140

China Corporate Headquarters 中国赛思总部

Room 507, CIQ Tower No. 98

Suhui Road Suzhou Industrial

Park Suzhou, PRC 215121



国检大厦507室 邮编215121

Your contacts in China: 赛思中国联系方式

Eagle Hua: Chinese Mandarin 华其:中文服务

Hubert Finneran: English  Hubert Finneran: 英文服务

Your contact in Thailand: 赛思泰国联系方式

Bryan Bowman: English  Bryan Bowman: 英文服务

Contact for Thailand: Thai    Sakda Kunprakobkit:泰文服务

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