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Take Careful Steps in the China Shop

10 January 2013

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Does your annual budget need some cost control? Avoid tying up your team’s time and paying for expensive international flights and hotel stays by letting SCSI conduct your quality support functions in Asia.

Whether you’re already sourcing in Asia or it’s part of your annual business plan, making sure the Asia suppliers you work with have the qualities you need and meet the standards you’ve set is key to your success.  SCSI can lead this effort through two key services – Controlled Shipping Level 2 and Supplier Review Audits.


Controlled Shipping Level 2

With CSL2, a supplier is required to use a third-party to inspect and sort contained parts.  This service is needed in cases where the supplier’s personnel and/or process have proven to be incapable to isolate the problem.  Your 2013 budget will appreciate SCSI’s local presence as you don’t have to send and pay your staff to sort and rework this non-conforming material – SCSI is already there to help!  A  CSL2 project lasts until the situation is resolved, which means projects can vary from 1  person for 1 day to multiple people for multiple days, weeks, or even longer.  No matter how many people you need or how long it takes, SCSI can handle any CSL2 project.  Since time is of the essence, you can count on SCSI to be there and get the situation under control right away.  Our trained, experienced team responds quickly, easily comprehends the sort criteria and hits the ground running.


Supplier Review Audits

Choosing capable and ethical suppliers is key – no matter what country they’re in.  SCSI makes evaluating Asia suppliers easy  through thorough process walks.  We assess your suppliers’ facilities and organization according to ISO 9001 or U.S. C-TPAT standards or other standards you have.  And we can be there quickly – contact us in the morning and we’ll be there that afternoon.  Our proven process is short-term and quick to provide you with the information you need, when you need it.

Our experienced team can deploy anywhere across China, Singapore and NOW Thailand for any SCSI service, fast!  But the best part is, you won’t believe our competitive prices!

Call us and reach us in English or Chinese, no matter what time zone you’re in.


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