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SCSI-Seguin Comes Together for Short Notice Shipment

17 January 2014
General News

SCSI’s logistics team in Seguin received a call from a supplier requesting two crankshafts, of different part numbers, be repacked and shipped within four hours.  The supplier expressed the importance of this request as their company chairman requested the parts be in place for a conference he would be attending in a few days. Due to the location and time constraint, the supplier turned to SCSI to fill the request. Shipping within this time frame would not ordinarily pose a problem; however, repackaging these particular parts is not done in Seguin.

SCSI’s containment team collaborated with the customer to obtain packing from consumed parts. SCSI’s logistics team acquired suitable crates for shipping. Both containment and logistics teams worked together to repackage parts properly and the Logistics Analyst worked with the supplier to ensure all the documentation was in order. With the entire team planning and working together, the parts were able to be shipped an hour ahead of schedule. The supplier expressed their gratitude for SCSI’s quick response time:

“I would like to personally thank you for getting the two shipments ready for a very important meeting with top-level executives. Given little notice and without the packaging readily available, you were able to go the extra mile to ready the parts for pick up today. We appreciate your assistance with this shipment given the short notice.”

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