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SCSI Grows CMM Inspection and Programming Capabilities

19 January 2016

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SCSI uses the most advanced and reliable precise measuring equipment such as CMMs (coordinate measuring machines) and portable Romers (PCMMs).  Our machines are ideal for larger parts that won’t fit on smaller machines.  We also have Romer arms, also known as portable CMMs, to take on-site to your location and provide flexible measurement techniques.

Count on SCSI’s CMMs to be ready when you need them – our trained inspectors and programmers can unburden your machine and keep the line moving. SCSI is known for its rapid containment, and we are experts at handling and programming for HOT parts.  With locations in Illinois, Iowa, and Indiana, our CMMs are never far from your warehouse or your supplier’s facilities. We can even help with shipping or VMI storage, becoming a seamless part of your workflow.


  • State-of-the-art, new machines
  • Faster cycle times
  • Larger – our CMMs are 35% to 335% bigger than the competition
  • Part pick up & transportation
  • Detailed analysis, reporting, and post project analysis
  • Accuracy you can count on
  • Quick turnaround
  • Check larger parts
  • Machine availability when you need it
  • Easily understand your results

Download our linecard below to check out all the specs and measuring envelopes.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

“We have been getting excellent service/cooperation from the CMM room. SCSI does a good job staying on top of our business needs and communicating when needed to the machinists. I would like to point out the exceptional job you do on a daily basis. SCSI really has taken ownership of the process, anticipates our needs and communicates with me directly when needed. Your knowledge base on our product has really grown and you have become an integral part of our Quality team. Thank you for putting this team together and the day to day management you provide.”

-Senior Design Engineer
Large Manufacturing OEM


Download our CMM Linecard:

Download CMM Linecard

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