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Case Study: Derusting Complex Tubes

26 January 2016
General News


With derusting capabilities at several locations, SCSI’s professional teams are experts at de-rusting painted and complex parts. Learn more about our process in our detailed post “Give SCSI Your Parts and We’ll Do The Rust“.

Case Study: OEM Derust on Small Complex Part

SCSI derusted the inside of tubes for a supplier of an agricultural OEM. The small diameter (under 1/4″) meant it was too small for most tools to get inside. To derust these tubes, SCSI placed them in a shallow tank and let them sit – the soak time varies according to the rust levels. The shallow tank decreases the soak time as opposed to a deeper tank – these tubes were effectively derusted in just a couple of hours.


SCSI also uses different boroscopes to check our work – we look for other defects and blockage like weld berries or casting fens. We can also conduct a post-wash inspection by taking a cleanliness sample: we flush the inside with fluid and measure the specs that result in our cleanliness lab.  Once the tubes have soaked, we take a nylon brush and clean out the tube.


As a final precaution, we use rust preventative to keep parts from rusting again. There is a short window of time when the RP is still wet to clean the parts and blow them dry. Dirty RP looks a lot like rust, so this cleaning step is an important part of our process. The technician then caps off the ends to eliminate debris inside – either with smaller bags on the ends or one big bag encasing the whole tube. Since these tubes are long and complex, we opted for the smaller bags to cap the ends.


Now that repack is complete, we are ready to ship to the OEM!

We are ready to start on your complex derusting job today!

Ship your parts to any of our five de-rusting facilities and we guarantee a very quick turnaround, minimizing interruption to your business. We’ll even ship the de-rusted parts on to your customer.

No time to ship to us? No problem. SCSI will come to you with our portable de-rust option. For more information, and a de-rust price quote, contact SCSI today.

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