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SCSI-Gosselies Increases Capabilities in New Warehouse

25 February 2014
General News

SCSI Europe was selected by a major supplier of cast components to implement VMI for their European customers.  As a result, SCSI moved to a new warehouse in Gosselies, Belgium that includes quality support, sorting and rework capabilities.  We received our first shipment, February 17.

Since SCSI outgrew our previous warehouse in Gosselies, we’ve now expanded into a 3200 m² warehouse, with the possibility to extend up to 5000 m². There are currently 2,000 rack locations in our new bonded warehouse. Located 10 minutes by truck from the docks, we will deliver material to Gosselies, Grenoble, Arras, Rantigny, Poland on a daily basis.  A robust barcode process secures the activity and improve productivity.

This expansion is an example of how a customer who began with SCSI’s VMI service in the US and was so impressed with how we met their needs that they decided to extend our services into Europe.  We can help and serve our customers anywhere they need us to perform — anywhere in the world. Love our US service? Ask how we can help you expand globally in Europe and Asia!

For more information on SCSI-Europe, please contact:


European Sales +33 (0) 6 77 89 46 82
European Containment +33 (0) 6 79 75 86 27


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