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Time to ReLink Your Third Party Logistics (3PL) Provider

28 February 2017
General News

How strong is the VMI link of your supply chain?  If you’re currently looking for a VMI provider or already using one, download this audit tool to see how various 3PL providers compare to SCSI.  We know your time is important, so if you’d like our VMI subject matter expert to walk you through this audit, we’d be happy to do so.  The categories of questions will ask you to examine how well a 3PL can tackle:

  • – Inventory Accuracy / Traceability
  • – Delivery Performance
  • – Transactional Performance
  • – Product Assurance
  • – Emergency Quality Support
  • – Added Value Service

While SCSI provides VMI to OEMs and suppliers around the world, we are more than just a warehouse. We’re a one-stop-shop of value-added logistics services, as well as quality services in the event your product has a quality issue.  SCSI can perform a no-obligation review of your logistics, warehousing and inventory processes to see any opportunities for cost savings. We can also demo our global Web Inventory Tracking System (WITS), in use by hundreds of customers. We know once you see its visibility and tracking benefits, you’ll want to use this right away.

Just let us know when SCSI can start you on the path to understanding the best options for your VMI needs.

Audit Your 3PL Today

Clint Brown
Regional Director of Business Development

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