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Leap Ahead of Quality Problems in 2016

29 February 2016

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We all wish we can a little extra time on our hands.  Lucky for us, this week, we get just that!  Every 4 years, an extra day – February 29 – appears on the calendar as “Leap Day.” Why not use this leap day to think about how best to plan for good quality?

Reactive vs. Proactive Quality Solutions

Proactive planning can save you a lot of time down the line – more than just 24 hours of a leap day. Many times we work with OEMs and suppliers on reactive quality (like containment or controlled shipping). But more than just being there when you need us, SCSI adds true value to the supply chain. Our proactive and preventative quality services can analyze and improve the process, perform root cause analysis and corrective action, and capture COPQ (or cost of poor quality).

Case Study:  Asia

We have worked with several suppliers in Asia on proactive measures like GAP audits, quality system development, inspection gates, drawing interpretations, and more. These measures improve quality, lower costs of poor quality, and improve customer satisfaction.
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Leap Ahead of Quality Problems

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