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SCSI Speaks at Global Manufacturing Supply Chain Summit

1 April 2014
General News

Supply Chain Services International (SCSI) subject matter expert, Franck Viola, recently attended the Manufacturing Supply Chain Officer Summit, in Shanghai, China, March 26 and 27.  There, Franck had the opportunity to meet with many large companies with worldwide footprints and complex supply chains.  Topics covered during the two days, included:

  • How can we improve the Competitiveness and Future Resilience of Supply Chains?
  • Managing the Risks in your Supply Chain
  • How End to End Supply Chain Planning Drives Exceptional Supply Chain Performance
  • Redesign the Customer Centric Supply Chains from the Outside-In Way
  • Upstream Supply Chain Innovation

Discussions during the vent focused on the facts that today,   the supply chain should be focused on individual customer expectations. One-size-fits-all static supply chain designs are dead.  Today’s supply chain leaders have created different supply chain configurations for different customer segments by using distinct processes and supply networks to offer different levels of service at different prices.

Franck also had the chance to introduce SCSI’s Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) concept to attendees, which includes how to support suppliers reaching the performance targets 100% on time delivery and 0 PPM, which are the preferred suppliers for VMI, etc.


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