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Demo our Service Agreement VisibilitY (SAVY) Tool

4 April 2017
General News

SCSI knows having accurate, reliable and timely access to the latest updates and live results on your containment jobs is important to you.  That’s why our Service Agreement VisibilitY tool, we call SAVY, provides real-time data, giving you complete control over your quality spills 24/7 from anywhere around the world. This means if you have multiple, national or even global locations, your teams can access ONE state-of-the-art web-based tool to have visibility to the same information you see fit.

While our containment techs are working on your sort, they’re updating information live using mobile tablets right on the shop floor.  So you can log in on any device to request a sort, see up-to-date progress and costs, and communicate with your SCSI service team.   Having such access to your endless quality data at your fingertips gives you the information you need to have true ownership of your quality business.

  • –  See job updates through a slick new dashboard! It spotlights what’s important to you – Open jobs, Pieces touched, Fallout rate, and Un-invoiced charges
  • –  Handy side bar lets you quickly request a new job, add a new user, access invoices/billing, browse job history and see live lot – results
  • –  Improved search lets you quickly find job details fast – by part #, service agreement number, or rejection number

Consistently providing accurate, reliable, timely services and information to our customers worldwide is just one way SCSI has built its reputation with major OEMs and Suppliers. Monitoring your containment work in progress has never been so savvy.

Would you like to learn a little more? Let’s schedule a demo to show you the value-added benefits of using SAVY and working with SCSI on your next quality issue.  There’s no better (or more savvy) tool to see up-to-date progress, costs, and more about your containment jobs.

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