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SCSI is your Agricultural Equipment Expert

10 April 2016
General News

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SCSI has partnered with several agricultural equipment OEMs and suppliers over the years. We have the capability to handle and inspect a wide variety of large scale components. From tractors to harvestors, SCSI has handled it all.


Agricultural equipment makers need a provider than can handle both small, intricate components and large scale, heavy duty parts. SCSI has the capacity to meet all your needs from end to end of the spectrum. Some of our capabilities include:

  • Sort & Rework – No matter what size your parts are, we can visually inspect and sort your parts with rapid deployment.
  • CMM – Our large CMMs can accommodate parts that are 35% – 335% larger than our competition’s CMMs can handle. We can also come to you with our portable Romer arms. For more information, download all the specs on our CMM linecard.
  • Derust – We can derust both small and large components in our dip tanks or manually, with no change to tolerance or paint. Our process even works on small or complex tubes.

Located in the Heartland

With locations in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Texas, SCSI has locations in 6 out of top 10 USDA agricultural producing states. We can also travel throughout the Midwest. Our headquarters are based in Illinois, which makes it easy for us to deploy quickly to you or your suppliers’ sites.


See You in Waterloo

SCSI will attend the Cedar Valley Manufacturing Conference , April 19. We hope to see you at this event. If you’d like a tour of our Waterloo facility, contact us today to set up a time.

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