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Automotive Outlook 2016: Big Sales, Shifting Product Mix

24 April 2016

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Experts agree that 2015 was a banner year for auto sales. The US hit a sales record, the highest since 2000 with the highest annual gains since the 1920s (nearly a century!). Will 2016 follow suit?

Outlook for 2016

Factors such as dropping fuel prices may influence consumers to invest in light trucks or SUVs. Demand for sedans fell a few percentage points for the year while trucks and SUVs jumped up 13% in 2015. Other factors include employment/wages and credit/leasing options in the post-recession economy.

NADA predicts 17.7 million new vehicle sales this year, but cautions that it will likely peak in 2016 and fall in 2017. SCSI is currently working for a major automotive OEM in the luxury market. Both the luxury market and SUV segments are growing.

Challenges of the Auto Industry

As auto manufacturers are pressured to meet increasing regulatory requirements under CAFE, production costs are rising. Auto OEMs use lightweighting techniques to reduce weight. Connectivity trends also increase the cost due to additional electronics and software.


SCSI is well positioned to meet your needs in this growing, changing industry. We have experience working with lightweighting materials. We have also performed re-flashing work to update software for our OEMs to avoid scrapping expensive electronic materials. SCSI also has a strong track record of collecting and providing the data OEMs need most through our always-up-to-date SAVY system. As a rapid responder and a technological leader in our field, SCSI is the partner you need to stay competitive and make the most of this sales year.

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