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Case Study: Automotive OEM

4 May 2016

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Almost three years ago, SCSI was chosen by a major automotive OEM as an onsite third party containment service provider. The OEM was dissatisfied with the incumbent and needed a company to adapt quickly to the constant changes in the industry.  The OEM was launching a new platform, not just a model year change, that they had produced in Europe and were bringing production to North America. With a new supply base and potential design, engineering, and manufacturing process issues, the majority of SCSI’s role was supplier quality containment, supplemented by containing internal rejections. With a 24-hour production cycle across 3 shifts and capacity for up to 100 technicians, this operation quickly became one of the biggest operations in SCSI.

In this highly competitive market, SCSI understands that our customers need very high levels of accuracy and performance. Quality, perfect traceability, and exact adherence to process is critical. Our results speak for themselves.

Our Solution

The OEM needed reliable communication and true experts, not just a staffing service. We mapped the material flow and the entire information process. SCSI customized our web-based, live tablet system to OEM requirements based on their feedback. We went from understanding requirements to fully functional with our systems, processes, and transition in six weeks.

Our state-of-the-art Service Agreement VisibilitY tool, otherwise known as SAVY offers:

  • Complete control over your service agreement (24/7)
  • Live reports on your job progress
  • Work instruction management to ensure team efficiency
  • TAKT time follow
  • Clean point management

Results to date

  • 0 leaks
  • 800+ containment jobs to date
  • Beat PPM expectation by 50%
  • Sorted 11.9 million pieces
  • Reworked 1.9 million pieces

Four Big Topics in Automotive Right Now

Data is a huge trend in automotive right now — bigger, better data is what you need to stay competitive. With SCSI’s SAVY system, you will always be on top of your numbers. We can provide up-to-the-minute live information that you need to run your business.

Connectivity is changing the driving experience for consumers. As innovative technological breakthroughs continue to market, manufacturers must have tech-savvy, agile providers to keep pace with them. SCSI has always been on the cutting edge of new technology – we were one of the first providers to implement on-floor tablets to record work progress. Our flexible, rapid response keeps our customers at the forefront.

For example, SCSI recently completed a reflashing job for a major automotive OEM. We used the OEM’s software to change obsolete material into usable material. New programming allowed 8 parts to be re-flashed during one cycle time (as opposed to 1 or 2 parts at a time.)

Autonomous driving, once the ruminations of science fiction, may be closer to reality than ever before. In order for self-driving cars to catch on, safety and reliability is paramount. That’s why SCSI puts quality first – our customers deserve a provider that follows a repeatable, documented process.

Lightweighting is a major goal of the auto industry to produce lighter weight, more fuel efficient cars. SCSI has experience handling lightweight material like aluminum, carbon fiber, plastic, and foam.

How We Can Help You

Are you ready to see for yourself how SCSI is different than other third party providers? Contact us today to discuss our capabilities.

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