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Tech It Out: SCSI Exhibits at Shanghai Technology Fair

14 May 2013
General News

SCSI’s Asia team recently exhibited on behalf of the Company at the second annual China Technology Fair in Shanghai.  This event allowed companies to showcase homegrown technologies developed for the China domestic market as well as for international customers.  SCSI was invited to demonstrate how we support quality requirements of both Chinese and overseas customers.  Six sidebars were held with medical device manufacturers attending the fair.

“The pace of change in the China market is amazing.  As we work with current customers and talk with potential customers, we are seeing a clear shift in their support needs.  Three years ago, most of the smaller and medium sized medical equipment companies were requesting service related to partnerships in the US and Europe, whereas now they are requesting support related to lean manufacturing and quality control to be competitive in the China domestic market.” – Matt Thurman, SCSI’s Asia General Manager, said.

A number of overseas buyers voiced their concerns about the method some suppliers use to obtain certain certifications and the resulting inconsistency in their performance.  This emerging trend in purchasing techniques speaks to the need of supplier verification.

“There are very good suppliers in China, in fact some of the best in the world can be found here,” one buyer of piping and fittings for the food industry commented. “The issue is that we have a hard time to sort through those that don’t follow the rules or don’t have a long term vision to get to those good ones.  If you buy solely based on price in China, you are going to get burned.”


Tony Liu, Logistics Acct. Manager and Matt Thurman, Asia General Manager

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