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SCSI Joins Automotive Focus Group in Thailand Golf Event

22 May 2015

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SCSI sponsored the 3rd annual AFG golf event at Burapha Golf Club in Sriracha Thailand, May 8. Around 50 golfers, from multiple companies in the automotive sector, participated in some friendly golf and networking.

SCSI had two teams comprised of management, customers, and networking partners in the Asia region.

SCSI-Thailand-golf-participants: Josh Decker, Hubert Finneran, Prutikun Chiafoo, and Bryan Bowman.

Participating for SCSI Asia was (left to right) Josh Decker, Hubert Finneran, Prutikun Chiafoo, and Bryan Bowman.  Congratulations to the players for proudly representing SCSI!

Following golf, Bryan Bowman gave a presentation on SCSI global operations and capabilities as well as the Thailand focused operations. The audience was very attentive and interested in SCSI’s global presence and ability to adapt to meet the needs of our diverse customer base.

Bryan has also been invited to be a member of a panel discussion with former GM executive Frank Holzer on challenges in the automotive sector in Thailand for the Next AFG networking event, May 29.

We want to genuinely extend a warm thank you to the AFG for allowing SCSI to sponsor this event.

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