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What it Means to Be International

24 May 2016
General News


As a company with the word “International” in our name, SCSI has a multicultural sensibility baked into our culture. Our ownership is fond of the blended term “glocal” (global + local) – it’s the feeling our customers have when they know we can help them across the globe but make it feel like we are in their backyard.

If your company has subsidiaries in foreign countries, it can be tricky to navigate the communication waters. Time zones, cultural differences, and language are all possible barriers to successful communication. It’s even harder if you are working with a supplier with different procedures and processes than you. SCSI streamlines this communication process. We can work seamlessly with our international team so you can always speak to someone localized to you and in your native language. We can also translate technical documents in a variety of languages so that OEMs and suppliers are working from the same documents. Our ownership regularly visits overseas.

Our Vendor Managed Inventory service allows your overseas suppliers to seem as if they were just down the street. You won’t have to worry about fluctuating shipment times or emergencies when your suppliers’ material is stored in our local warehouses.

Global. Local. “Glocal.” That’s SCSI.
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