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What Makes SCSI Unique?

14 June 2016
General News

It’s a question that every company asks themselves — what makes us different? With so many third party containment providers and 3PLs out there, how does SCSI stand apart?

We adapt and customize solutions to customer needs.

SCSI is not a staffing service providing just another pair of hands to do the work. We are a team of experts with years of experience in the field. We listen carefully to the feedback of our OEMs and suppliers to work out the best solution for your particular situation.

Here’s an example:  a major automotive OEM was dissatisfied with their incumbent third party containment provider (TPCP) due to a lack of visibility. SCSI listened carefully to the feedback the OEM provided about their former provider, and used it to customize our web-based SAVY tool to the customer’s needs.

A quality system is a quality system.

Quality is the underpinning of all that we do at SCSI. Whether you request a visual sort for nonconforming material or store material in one of our VMI warehouses, you aren’t just getting a warm body or a dry warehouse – you are getting a partner in quality. If we notice something that is amiss or find a way to improve the way the job is done, we share it with you as our customer. Noticing these details and passing along our knowledge and data can help you solve a problem further upstream.

Here’s an example:  One of our suppliers sent a container with 10 boxes of parts, and eight of them were mislabeled on the outside. The supplier also entered information into WITS incorrectly, so SCSI received them as they were labeled. When we pulled a box for repack, our containment tech noticed that even though the supplier’s labels matched what SCSI had received them as, the part itself looked different from the previous box he was repacking. Our logistics analyst investigated the receiving document and had the material handler pull the entire container shipment and open all boxes and verify parts inside boxes. They discovered eight mislabeled boxes. This attention to detail saved our supplier over $500 in admin fees and COPQ hits, and prevented the OEM’s line from shutting down.

Quality is baked into our culture. Even if we’ve not worked in your industry, we know quality. We can take what we know and apply it to your situation. We’ve applied our know-how to many different industries, including but not limited to:

With thousands of OEMs, Tier Ones, and suppliers as our customers, we’ve seen just about every type of quality problem. Let us help you find a custom solution for yours.

Recipe for Success


At SCSI, our recipe for success includes:

  • Expertise from years of experience in our industry and all different types of customers put us ahead of generic staffing companies who don’t understand your requirements.
  • Process ensures reliable, repeatable results.
  • Assets like hard-to-find gages, CMMs, and Magnetic Particle Inspection set us apart from our competitors.
  • Accurate, Reliable, Timely Systems such as SAVY, WITS, and WQS give our customers data that the other companies can’t provide.
  • Locations around the world, along with a multicultural and multilingual team, provide seamless global support. See how close we are to you.

These elements are governed by Accountability and Control to give you Results that exceed your expectations.

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