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SCSI-Lafayette Pulls All-Nighter to Get HOT Material to the Line

19 June 2014
General News

HOT material for a major OEM customer was delayed in Chicago due to weather and then had a problem getting released from the plane. The material was so important and vital to the customer, it had been air freighted from the supplier to ensure it got to the OEM in time. But with the delay at the port, it required SCSI Lafayette to act quickly to keep the supply chain moving.

The material didn’t leave Chicago until 5 PM, so a few team members came in when the shipment arrived at 9 PM that night. The team worked through the night to receive and process the material in order to get it to the assembly line before it was shut down due to lack of parts.

Some material is not sent directly over to the plant. For these seven-foot tubes, we inspect 100% of the pieces for various criteria. We wash if needed and test the cleanliness of each tube, and then repack into provided racking from the customer.

Our customer was very pleased with our rapid response:

“Thanks to everyone for getting this material to the plant completely outside the ‘normal flow!’ The effort and commitment demonstrated by SCSI is the reason we always tell perspective suppliers considering third party warehouse operations that SCSI is top notch. The efforts last night and in all the support we get from SCSI solidifies a long term relationship. Thank you!”

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