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SCSI’s Technological Capabilities Put You in Control

21 June 2016
General News


SCSI is a technologically advanced and technologically driven company. We understand technology, its role in manufacturing, and how to adjust quickly to ever-shifting needs.

SCSI has always been on the cutting edge of technology in the manufacturing sector. We pioneered the use of iPads on the shop floor, allowing us to bring you real-time data on your quality containment job through our SAVY system. We also champion the use of barcoding in our logistics warehouses. With systems like WITS, SAVY, and WQS, information about your parts is always readily available to you.

Most of the systems we use can integrate with your own technology systems to create a seamless transition between processes. For example, our CMM programmers and inspectors can accept Pro-E, Solidworks, Unigraphics, and other CAD-CAM integration. They use a fully compatible DMIS programming language, and have other languages available to suit your needs. If you need kitting or sequencing, we have EDI linkup available for your systems or your customers’ systems.

Are you ready to see what SCSI’s systems can do for you?

Contact us today and we’ll schedule an in-depth demo of our software just for you.

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