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SCSI-Europe Audit is Certainly One in a Million

1 July 2014
General News

SCSI undergoes a very strict customs inventory audit for our Europe location each year.  Individuals come in and physically count of all parts in our warehouses and compare it to the counts in our our Web Inventory Tracking System (WITS).  SCSI received a total of 1.6 millions parts from our customers this year – that’s a lot of part to manually count!  In years past, we’ve been off by only 25 or 50 parts, which was a nice accomplishment. However, when the results of this year’s audit came back, we were thrilled to find we were only off by ONE part.  Just one!  That’s only 0.6 PPM.

SCSI applauds its Europe team for keeping basic inventories under control on a daily basis.  It’s clearly  an excellent result, but when working in the automotive industry and having understandably high expectations from our customers, this is where we need to be.

Our processes have improved during the last few years by generalizing the scanning and barcode systems.  All is managed and driven by WITS, which today allows us to control our inventories in real time, even when we manipulate every single piece we have on stock.  Every day, approximately 30,000 pieces are inspected and repacked one by one in France and Romania.

Looking ahead, SCSI continues to work on improving our processes, that’s the only way to succeed.

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For more information on SCSI-Europe, please contact:


European Sales +33 (0) 6 77 89 46 82
European Containment +33 (0) 6 79 75 86 27


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