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SCSI Lafayette Quotes De-Rust on 1.5 Million Dollars Worth of Inventory

5 July 2016

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SCSI Lafayette received a call from the OEM concerning their procurement of nearly 1.5 million dollars worth of inventory, for which several of these components will be stored for up to two years. With this in mind, coupled with a murky past of rust rejections stemming from material being shipped to the OEM, the Process Control Engineer called upon SCSI to have all the supplied turbo components quoted for 100% rust inspection and de-rust, separately.


After receiving blueprints for these components, SCSI worked diligently at providing individual quotations for both a rust inspection and subsequent de-rust. We submitted the quote in a day and a half. Less than a week and a half later SCSI was granted a PO for conducting both the visual inspection and preservation, as well as any required de-rusting that would result from these inspections. The total number of parts which could be inspected would equal 5, 102 varying components. Inspections and rework commenced on May 18, handling very delicate parts.


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