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Freezing pens & chiseling through ice: Containment team battles arctic blast

6 July 2018

containment in the snow

An SCSI containment team fought frigid temperatures and heavy snow to keep large wheel loaders rolling down the assembly line at a major OEM.

SCSI partnered with an overseas supplier to inspect and rework 10,000 lb frames before they became an issue.

Instant Response

The supplier contacted SCSI at around 2:30 p.m. Monday afternoon, quickly establishing a single point of contact for the OEM and supplier.

SCSI responded by deploying a mobile containment team, who were inspecting and reworking as the sun rose on the snowy Tuesday, less than18 hours after the initial request.

Hazardous Conditions

Concerns arose during a particularly high volume period. With space at a premium, the frames needed to be contained outside.

Temperatures sank as low as 5° F, making work difficult. The team had to chisel through ice to inspect and even struggled with the ink freezing in their pens. The work continued for several weeks.

Saving the Day

With its rapid overnight response, SCSI prevented the often unpredictable impact associated with weld porosity.

By grinding the defects away and touching up the paint, the team avoided expensive weld repair options.

The supplier expressed appreciation for SCSI’s “prompt action and
strong support” in preventing negative impact on the line. SCSI successfully contained the situation on behalf of a supplier located half a world away.

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