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SCSI-Peoria Quickly Responds to New Repack Process Need

17 July 2014
General News

When one of SCSI’s biggest supplier customers faced delivery challenges, our team stepped up to make sure their customer, a large manufacturing OEM, kept its line running.  This supplier and OEM had been in negotiations for more than a year on how the supplier’s parts should be packaged.

Repack wooden crates

The OEM wanted to remove all wood from their facility to eliminate disposal headaches, improve safety, and standardize packaging for their automated high rise storage, and therefore asked the supplier to package all of its material in reusable “jumbo tubs” by the time it’s received at their facility

SCSI proposed a process that would eliminate a costly third party by having SCSI repackage the parts in “jumbo tubs” before they left our warehouse.  This saved money and reduced lead times for parts by several days.  In April, one part number was selected as a pilot to validate the process over several weeks before “going live.” Despite the aggressive three week timetable to get the process established, SCSI was confident we would be able to have something in place in time to meet deadlines.

Line Down Crisis Interrupts Plan
Just a few days after the pilot launch, there came a twist. Due to weather and other logistical issues, the supplier was suddenly in a line down crisis. For the next month, they would need to air freight and expedite parts to avoid a major OEM disaster. To help minimize the amount of time to get the parts to the assembly line, they asked SCSI to begin repacking several part numbers of their material immediately.  Without hesitation, several SCSI team members dropped weekend  plans and volunteered to come in and help with repacking and staging the loads. In a very short time, the team received and labeled the loads and coordinated receiving and arranged the trucks.  But then, another challenge arose when SCSI discovered the presence of rust and machining chips in the threads.  Nonconformances were segregated and reworked.  Throughout all of this, SCSI kept key supplier stakeholders informed, sending updates to as many as 20—30 people at a time.

Over the next few weeks, several shipments arrived at SCSI’s door just hours before needing to be repacked and shipped out.  In further complication, trucks continually showed up several hours behind schedule requiring a new chain of events consisting of rescheduling trucks and collaborating  schedules. SCSI continued to work with the OEM to make sure the line never went down and to get as many delivery performance hits removed as possible.  Every member of the team pitched in and made it a priority. As the repack continues, the SCSI team  continues to make modifications to the process to help ensure it is as optimal as possible. One simple change increased output and decreased time.

This is just one of the many examples of how SCSI works tirelessly to ensure customer satisfaction, avoid line downs and continuously improve to get the work done.

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