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SCSI-China Hosts ISO 9001: New Standards & New Measures

18 July 2017
General News

SCSI-China joined SIP Service Outsourcing Association and SIP Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment to host a seminar themed “ISO 9001: New Standards & New Measures” at Modern Building, July 5. About 100 people from more than 50 enterprises were present.

ISO 9001, a set of international standards for management and verification of good quality management practices, was revised in 2015. To meet enterprises’ demands for more interpretations and professional guidance concerning the new version, Hubert Finneran, General Manager Asia at SCSI LLC, explained the changes of the ISO 9001 standards and gave suggestions on how to keep to the new rules.  Enterprises’ representatives at the seminar raised a variety of questions on potential issues based on their actual practices.

For more information about how SCSI-China can help prepare your company for the ISO 9001:2015 changes, click below.

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