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Is SCSI a Software or Service?

19 July 2016
General News

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Many times when talking with potential customers, trade show visitors, or people learning about SCSI for the first time, we often here, “Are you software or service?” This is a really good question, as there are many, many software options out there for customers interested in just getting a system put in place to help solve simple supply chain issues.

But at SCSI, we know it’s much more than just software. While we certainly have exceptional systems in place, including SAVY, WITS and WQS, but this is just one important component of a much bigger whole. SCSI believes that what makes our tailored supply chain solutions so valuable to our customers is that we have all of the ingredients for a true recipe for success.

  • Expertise – SCSI prides itself on the talent we hire.
  • Process – reliability of reproducing every time, no variability
  • Systems – computer, continuity, measure, monitor, control
  • Assets – you wouldn’t hire a plumber without tools
  • Location – where you’re situated. SCSI is literally all around the world.

We can take your existing systems, technology and process and take it to the next level. We not only consult and design a service for you, we prepare, plan and carry it out, then stand behind the service we perform.

When do customers needs us? When there’s a disturbance – logistics didn’t work or there’s a quality issue. This has allowed SCSI to create standout products including vendor managed inventory (VMI) in which the OEM passes on the responsibility to the supplier. Quality gates – solution is NOT the cop on the bridge, it’s the physiological effect it has on the supplier. You’re at risk for being caught so you better behave.

Why do we offer ALL of this? Because our customers are doing a lot of this today, but don’t have the rigor needed to insure ALL of these ingredients are there – not to mention implementation and follow-through.

End-to-End Supply Chain Solutions

Great tech is just part of our appeal. We don’t sell you software from a box or the cloud – we supply you with the services you need to bring a quality product to your customer. Contact us today and ask how we put our skin in the game for you.

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