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Warranty Returns and Dealer Return Programs with SCSI

2 August 2016
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SCSI is well known in the industry for our inspection, rework, and repackaging capabilities. These capabilities make us the ideally positioned partner to maximize value in your supply chain system. If you are spending too much in scrap or too much time resolving conflict with dealers, keep reading to see how SCSI can help.

Case Study

The process is painless for both OEMs and dealers:

  • An OEM sends a tractor to the dealer.
  • Upon inspection, the dealer finds a rim that does not appear like the others:  it is deeply scratched and a little rusty.
  • The dealer removes the rim and replaces it with a new one from inventory. The scratched rim goes into non-conforming inventory.
  • The dealer fills out documentation to return the non-conforming inventory to SCSI, the OEM’s reverse logistics partner.
  • SCSI receives the rim, inspects the rim, and advises the OEM that the part is deeply scratched and rusted.
  • The OEM issues financial credit to the dealer for the returned rim based on SCSI’s assessment.
  • SCSI uses tools to remove the scratches, de-rusts and re-paints the rim, wraps and labels it. The rim is ready and available for aftermarket sale.
  • When a dealer needs this rim model, they can order it for aftermarket sale through the OEM’s system.
  • SCSI receives the order and ships the rim straight to the dealer with JIT delivery.

This is just one example of a complex process made easy with SCSI’s proven systems. SCSI has performed these services many times for our customers, including major (or core) components such as engines, transmissions, driveline, hydraulic cylinders, and more. We’ve saved thousands of dollars for our customers by avoiding scrap and refurbishing components to as good as new.

More benefits of using SCSI’s capabilities include:

  • Close to your customer – with locations around the globe and our ability to deploy quickly, we’ll help you save on reshipment costs
  • Seamless handoffs – by using one third-party provider for the multiple complex tasks from end-to-end, you minimize hand-offs between organizations and reduce cycle times
  • Up-to-the-minute data – our SAVY system keeps you apprised of all inspection, sort, and rework activity and our WITS system follows products in stock or shipped to your customer so you always know where your stock is

SCSI can help throughout the entire warranty returns, cores management, or reverse logistics process. We help you lower the total cost of the supply chain by making sure that your customers are happy with the end product. Contact us today to find a seamless solution to your returns process.

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