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SCSI Can Help in Wake of Tianjin Port Explosion

13 August 2015
General News

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SPECIAL ALERT: China’s Tianjin Xingang Port Explosion

SCSI Ready to Assist You

SCSI joins the manufacturing industry in shock of the devastating explosion at China’s Tianjin Xingang port.

Understandably, this situation may disrupt your material flow if you use this port, as well as other nearby ports that may be indirectly affected.


If you have material that is potentially blocked as a result of the Tianjin explosion, SCSI is prepared to support you in tracking and pulling that material to avoid any potential shortages and disruptions to your customers.

Please contact your SCSI analyst immediately to identify any containers that may be at risk so that we can establish a surveillance list.

SCSI remains committed to our customers and at your disposal during this time.

Jenni Vandergraff
Site Manager – SCSI Lafayette

Paul Luttinen
Site Manager – SCSI Peoria

Ellen Klukowski
Site Manager – SCSI Seguin

Robert Maguire
Site Manager – SCSI Charleston

Richard Seres
Site Manager – SCSI Waterloo

Tim Wu
Account Executive – Asia
+86 13917709552

Franck Viola
Account Executive –  Europe
+33 (0) 6 77 89 46 82

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