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SCSI Thailand Supports Supplier at OEM in Sagami, Japan

25 August 2015

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SCSI-Thailand recently deployed team members to a large OEM plant in Sagami, Japan for an important part sort.  Upon arrival, our team members gathered information from the OEM on total quantity, and after reviewing cycle times, worked closely with the US-based supplier to quickly get approval.  While the team was sent originally to sort and remove burrs from parts, the Sagami QM reported a second issue regarding corrosion on the parts. Sagami was going to reject all the parts back to the supplier until our team quickly showed them how we could quickly rework the parts. The Sagami team was very pleased and impressed with the rapid solution and this resulted in large savings to the US based supplier and 0 downtime for Sagami OEM operations from part shortage.

The OEM Sagami Team and US customer were very pleased with the results and have arranged for SCSI’s return in mid-September to rework the balance of parts that are in transit via sea freight.

“We really thank you for your coming to Sagami and engaging sorting so many sleeves. Your operation made a great contribution to our production. And also thank you for your finding other quality issues. Those are also helpful for further quality improvement.”

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