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SCSI-Charleston Impress Customer with Quality Support

3 September 2014

At a supplier, car doors are fabricated for a large OEM. The doors are shipped from Tennessee to a company in Gastonia, North Carolina to be painted. The painted parts then ship to the OEM plant in Georgia for final assembly. When the supplier started having paint quality issues, they contracted SCSI to inspect the painted doors.

The project was originally supported out of SCSI’s Charleston location. Despite challenging 3.5 hour travel time each way and frequent need for overnight support, our SCSI Charleston containment team took the challenge head-on.  Fast-forward a few weeks and our challenges increased as the relationship between supplier and paint provider diminished. The supplier eventually sent their Director of Engineering to the paint provider to avoid line down situations and salvage their relationship with the OEM.

The Director of Engineering said,

“During the week I worked with your team, I was impressed by the support and cooperation I received. [Your employees] are quite simply amazing and I really enjoyed working with them. I know that we’ve had difficulties in this endeavor. However, [your employees] were quick to pick up on my guidance and worked thoroughly and diligently side by side with me. By the time I left, I was 100% confident that their judgment of part quality would be nearly identical to mine. They worked in an extremely difficult environment, i.e. disorganized, dirty, hot, poorly lit and yet made the best of the situation and supported me no matter the request I made. If it were not for their support, I do not know that we could have succeeded as well as we did in the past few weeks. These ladies are a true credit to the SCSI organization and I hope that they are recognized as such. I appreciate your time and past support.”

The supplier’s Plant Manager said, “Your team has done a fantastic job this week. We absolutely appreciate the support. Please extend out gratitude to your team.”

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