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There’s Nothing SCSI Can’t DeRust – Including Robots

13 September 2014

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SCSI ChengDu derusted this complex robot for an urgent project at a customer site.

A new engine plant for a major automotive OEM was set up in October 2012 in ChengDu, China and put into production in March 2013. The plant can produce about 2,100 engines per day now. This robot by their engineers is made from all parts of the new engine, and is the symbol of the whole plant. To prepare for a very important visit, the factory director demanded a third-party quality service facility to help to clean and derust the robot.

SCSI’s sales engineer went to the worksite to learn more information about the project, communicating with the robot’s direct principal and designer. The customer explained the requirements, noting that since the robot is made from different big, small, and complex engine parts, it’s cleaning was really complex and urgent. He simply showed the customer SCSI’s derusting procedure on the spot, and the customer asked for a quick quote.

With signed quotation in hand, our teams began the project and performed well at the critical moment. The factory director told our inspectors,

“Your work is beyond my imagination, you made the robot [look like] new.”

This was a very fun project for SCSI ChengDu and shows our derust capabilities for complex parts of any size – even in robot form. Do you have a complex or urgent derusting project? Your next step is to call SCSI – we can turnaround a quote within 24 hours and even deploy to your site.

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