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SCSI Uses 5S to Stand Above the Rest

16 November 2015
General News

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SCSI recently completed a compliance audit at our corporate location with our ISO registrar SAI. This year, the auditor focused on customer satisfaction and the ways we go about proving to our customer our value as service to them. There are many ways of approaching this from regular face-to-face meetings to responding quickly to the customer’s needs. But another important aspect, not to be overlooked is the visual impression our operations might have on a customer.

All of us make decisions in our daily lives about which store we like to shop at that is to some extent consciously or subconsciously influenced by our perception of the store. Most of us will not shop at a store that looks dirty or disorganized every time we visit. Similarly, our customers form opinions based on what they see when they visit our operations. This is why 5S is so important and is thought of as a useful tool in creating a positive image in the minds of our customers.

At SCSI, 5S means:

  • A well organized and safe work environment.
  • Work spaces that are cleaned immediately after the job is complete so dirt and debris does not spread to other parts of the operation.
  • Work areas where the furniture or work surfaces have standardized color.
  • No air hoses, tools or equipment lying all over the floor or tables when everyone goes home.
  • No marks, dirt, cobwebs on the walls around the work areas.
  • Lastly, a culture or way of life.

It is not uncommon to hear a customer say “not surprising based on what the operation looks like” when a quality problem happens in a work area that is disorganized and dirty looking. At SCSI, that simply won’t happen. We use our 5S audits to identify both the things we are doing well and the ones we need to improve on.

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