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SCSI-Osceola Sorts & Receives Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Goods

24 November 2015
General News


The SCSI Osceola facility has been approved as an extension of a foreign trade zone (or FTZ). This means, we can sort and receive FTZ material in our warehouse for containment needs.

What is an FTZ?

From the National Association of Foreign Trade Zones:

“An FTZ is an area within the United States, in or near a U.S. Customs port of entry, where foreign and domestic merchandise is considered to be outside the country, or at least, outside of U.S. Customs territory. Certain types of merchandise can be imported into a Zone without going through formal Customs entry procedures or paying import duties. Customs duties and excise taxes are due only at the time of transfer from the FTZ for U.S. consumption. If the merchandise never enters the U.S. commerce, then no duties or taxes are paid on those items.”

What that Means for You

You may wish to take advantage of the our FTZ warehouse because:

  • It may delay, reduce, or eliminate duties
  • It gives you tighter inventory control
  • It may reduce long wait times at crowded ports and expedite international trade
  • Goods held for export in an FTZ exempt you from local or state inventory taxes
  • You can take advantage of SCSI’s value-added services like sorting, reworking, gauging, repacking, leak testing, and controlled shipping

To learn more about our capabilities at our new Osceola, WI facility or to schedule a tour, please contact us.

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