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Are You on the Nice List? Tell Us in a Bolt! #scsilist

7 December 2015
General News


Happy holidays from SCSI!  Our holiday card mails this week and we couldn’t be more excited. Several of our customers will soon a cardboard reindeer named, “Bolt.” If you are a lucky recipient, we encourage you to punch Bolt out, assemble him and keep him in your office space. Then, take a picture of Bolt and post it via social media with #scsilist. Let’s see how many Bolts are watching over our customers! If you don’t receive a Bolt in the mail, but want to participate, you still can. Simply print the image below and follow the instructions. Let’s see how many paper Bolts can fill up social media too!

Behind the Name
So why the name, “Bolt”? We like that it alludes to something that holds things together or can be “a sudden dash, run, flight or escape.” With logistics and quality containment support around the world, SCSI certainly keeps things together and reacts quickly for countless customers around the world. See what we did there?

Watch this newswire from now until Christmas to see how Bolt will watch over your logistics and quality and make sure you stay on the “nice” list. If not, SCSI will be there to help!!

Reindeer v10


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Want to learn more? Watch our short video. 

For questions about Bolt, or how to get your own, contact Sandy Kostouros at +1.309.265.6366 or

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