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SCSI Peoria Is Now Accepting Parts For Our New CMM

11 December 2015

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SCSI uses the most advanced and reliable technology available in an effort to ensure our inspection services deliver the valuable results you expect.

Our Peoria facility’s new Brown & Sharpe 12.22.10 uses PC-DMIS software and has a measuring envelope of 1200 mm x 2200 mm x 1000 mm. Its accuracy is 2.5+3.0L/1000 microns.

CMM Programmer Tom checks a supplier’s part on the new Peoria Brown & Sharpe 12.22.10 with our friendly reindeer, Bolt.

SCSI’s CMM capablities include:

  • Fast cycle times & quick turnaround
  • Part pick up & transportation
  • Detailed reports
  • Programming for hot parts before they even arrive at our facility

CMM Inspection is useful for:

Learn more about the full extent of our measurement and CMM capabilities here.

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