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Give SCSI Your Parts and We’ll Do the Rust

14 December 2012
General News

While rust may be hard to avoid or prevent, SCSI makes it easy to remove.  Our experienced, professional staff is dedicated to providing you with the expert de-rusting you deserve.

We’re experts at de-rusting painted and complex parts.


De-Rusting Expertise with Rapid Response  –  SCSI’s proven process ensures the complete removal of rust from your parts using a de-rust agent and applying a protective anti-rust coating to the part for short-term storage.  The chemistry is corrosion inhibiting for up to two weeks in a low humidity environment.  If a longer shelf life is needed, a rust inhibitor or sealer can be applied to your specifications.

From the smallest parts to those
as big as 7.5 ft. x 3.2 ft. and up to 2,000 lbs., 
SCSI can handle any de-rust job per YOUR specifications!
The materials we use are not only environmentally friendly, we de-rust without grinding or power tools.  That means no surface damage, tolerances are held to the original state of the part and no flash rusting occurs.  Most importantly, less labor equals less cost for you.

SCSI De-Rust Process Highlights
Non corrosive tank
Non-acidic solution
Wash before we de-rust
Micron filters avoid part contamination
Automotive approved
RP/VCI bags

Want to get started?  Simply ship your parts to any of our five de-rusting facilities and we guarantee a very quick turnaround, minimizing interruption to your business.  We’ll even ship the de-rusted parts on to your customer.

  • Peoria, IL
  • Lafayette, IN
  • Waterloo, IA
  • Seguin, TX
  • Or we’ll come to you!

No time to ship to us?  No problem.  SCSI will come to you with our portable de-rust option. For more information, and a de-rust price quote, contact SCSI today.

North America

North America Sales +1.877.345.5651
North America Emergency Containment +1.877.727.1911



Reach us in Chinese or English!
Office, Working Hours: +86 512 6763 2501
After Hours: +86 134 0261 8328


European Sales +33 (0) 6 77 89 46 82
European Containment +33 (0) 6 79 75 86 27


Need de-rust help NOW? Emergency Hotline: +1.877.727.1911.

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