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Stay on the Nice List: Satisfy Your Customers #scsilist

22 December 2015
General News

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This holiday season, our reindeer, “Bolt” is working hard to ensure your logistics and quality are on the “nice list.”

One way SCSI ensures WE stay on YOUR nice list is to ensure your satisfaction. Every day. Every hour. Communication is key, so we help you track our performance with systems like:

  • SAVY – Our Service Agreement VisibilitY (SAVY) tool gives you real-time visibility, traceability and access to your containment jobs 24/7
  • WITS – Our Web Inventory Tracking system helps you manage your inventory throughout the supply chain
  • WQS – Our Web Quality Solution monitors efficiency and automates reports

As a trusted partner for more than 900 customers, w’d like to learn how we can partner with YOU.

Contact us today to see how we can help you track performance all year long and stay on the Nice List.

Want to learn more?  Watch our short video. 

For questions about Bolt the reindeer, or how to get your own, contact Sandy Kostouros at +1.309.265.6366 or

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