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Kitting / Sequencing

Project Description:


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SCSI provides Accurate, Reliable, Timely (ART™) supply chain solutions, delivering your material to your customer kitted and/or sequenced to their specifications in Asia, Europe, and North America; with full visibility 24/7.  Arrangement of various products according to end user specifications to aid or improve the final assembly process.

Your Need:

  • Increased efficiency of final assembly
  • Add value to your product and have a differentiation and/or competitive proposal
  • Reduced square footage area of final assembly through consolidation of multiple products into a single kit
  • Identified costs
  • Visibility of material flow
  • Inventory cost control
  • Damage free supply chain
  • Flexibility to expedite and/or change build schedule

Our Capabilities:

  • Material inspection prior to kitting/sequencing
  • Bill of Material management
  • Individual component door to door logistics
  • Individual component inventory control
  • Returnable packaging and packing materials management
  • EDI linkup to your systems and your customers systems
  • Full reporting capabilities of delivery performance, inventory accuracy, and productivity