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Nondestructive Testing (NDT)

Project Description:


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Leak Testing (LT)

  • Detects location of leaks and measures the leakage through the leak
  • Parts with hermetically closed elements, vessels and tubes

Liquid (Dye) Penetrant Inspection

  • Detects hairline cracks, surface porosity, and fatigue cracks
  • Parts: Welds, weld overlays, castings and forgings, valves and their components, machined parts, pressure vessels, clad vessel linings, and structural steel


  • Detects surface and sub-surface flaws and measures thickness of materials
  • Parts: Steel and other metals and alloys

Hardness Testing

  • Detects hardness value of a material
  • Parts: Ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys, select non-metallic materials, welds and weld overlays, castings and forgings, piping, stress relieved material, machined parts, pressure vessels, and structural steel