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24 April 2016

Automotive Outlook 2016: Big Sales, Shifting Product Mix

Experts agree that 2015 was a banner year for auto sales. The US hit a sales record, the highest since 2000 with the highest annual gains since the 1920s (nearly a century!). Will 2016 follow suit? Outlook for 2016 Factors such as dropping fuel prices may influence consumers to invest in light trucks or SUVs. Demand for […]

19 April 2016
General News

Supply Chain Experts Standing By: Ask Us Anything

At SCSI, we are continually trying to understand our customers’ needs better. We know that we cannot be successful unless you are successful. With constantly changing industries, business needs are ever evolving as well. Where do you need help? Is there a problem you have been struggling with and need a second opinion? Do you have […]

10 April 2016
General News

SCSI is your Agricultural Equipment Expert

SCSI has partnered with several agricultural equipment OEMs and suppliers over the years. We have the capability to handle and inspect a wide variety of large scale components. From tractors to harvestors, SCSI has handled it all. Capabilities Agricultural equipment makers need a provider than can handle both small, intricate components and large scale, heavy duty […]

6 April 2016
General News

Meet SCSI at Salon de la Sous-Traitance Automobile, Morocco

SCSI will be exhibiting at the Salon de la Sous-Traitance Automobile April 20 – 22 in Tangiers, Morocco. As the automotive industry grows in Morocco, SCSI looks forward to growing our global network to support you in this region. If you would like to set up a meeting while we are in Morocco, contact us today.  

5 April 2016
General News

JY Hydraulics Welcomes SCSI Ownership During Visit to China

After almost 10 years of cooperation with us, JY-Hydraulics is very satisfied with our professional service and looking forward to the next decade business with SCSI. Left to right:  Chen Lizhi (Sales Supervisor), Qingping Ding (Vice General Manager), Patrick Peronnet (SCSI Owner), Xie Wenqing (General Manager), and Pierre Lewin (SCSI Owner).

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