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Our Difference

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Connecting suppliers and their customers


About US

Born from supplier roots, we understand your challenges in the demanding world of manufacturing.

SCSI was created to strengthen the relationship of suppliers and their customers. We do this by helping suppliers meet demand — in spec and on time — avoiding line down situations.

Quality-driven solutions worldwide

For nearly 20 years, SCSI has provided quality inspection, reactive containment, and logistics throughout the supply chain for some of the most successful OEMs and suppliers in the world.

Recently, SCSI was acquired by TRIGO, a global leader of operational quality solutions for key manufacturers in the transportation industry. The product of this merger is TRIGO-SCSI, offering the same dedication with expanded networks of support.

We’re there where you need us in our facility, at the OEM, or at the supplier. No matter where you are in the world, SCSI can handle it for you.


You are our mission

We exist as an extension of your quality team. The secret to SCSI’s success is our people, who embody an exacting Customer First culture.

We boast an industry-high tenure rate by enabling our people to take ownership of their roles and develop extraordinary expertise. That’s why our people are so dedicated to helping you.

Let us know what we can do to help.






Our Difference


our difference